Thursday, 25 February 2016

Palm Jumeirah Villa and Apartment Sales in the last week of February!

As we come to the end of February 2016 it is pleasing to see that the Palm Jumeirah team of Edwards and Towers were busy closing deals on both apartments and villas.

We have closed on three Garden Home villas this month and a handful of apartments in the Shoreline development and Marina Residence.

This is particularly pleasing as it is a tough environment at the moment with the dollar gaining strength this week making it even less likely that people will send money to our little Emirate. The exchange rate is currently working against us so we have to rely on local sales or at the very least sales from within the region.

With a softening of the asking prices it is fair to point out that there is an increase in finance led end users looking. Rents have not been affected too much and as the  yields are strengthen I believe the investors will now also have an eye on some good deals.

There is of course plenty of world wide volatility economically speaking and for this reason I can't see a glut of investors putting their hands in their pockets just yet but with yields creeping to 8% in good areas I am sure we will see the longer term player start to play.

Garden Home on Palm Jumeirah SOLD in February 2016

Palm Jumeirah Garden Home For Sale

This is one of the Garden Home sales this week on Palm Jumeirah which does prove that regardless of the world wide situation life does go on and local business men need somewhere to live.

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