Sunday 20 March 2016

Shoreline Apartments on Palm Jumeirah are producing attractive yields!

Shoreline Apartments Palm Jumeriah
Shoreline Palm Jumeriah

Shoreline and Palm Jumeirah Investors are ready to buy with attractive Rental yields 

As your Palm Specialist I am pleased to give you our latest update on the Dubai property market and more specifically the activity on the Shoreline apartments.
As many of you know we are located in the Clubhouse 5 of the Shorelines and have been very active on the Palm since 2006.
This year the property market is reacting to all the other Economic factors out there and with Oil prices and Currency fluctuations being dominant we are seeing a quiet period for property trades in general.
That said I have been around long enough (13 years) to know that property always sells at any time of the year and at any part of a property cycle. So long as the price is right I guarantee that the property will sell.
It is true that property sales prices have and probably are still softening but conversely the rental prices are holding up. There is very little  rental stock on the market at the moment which bodes well in a time when we are hearing of job losses. I personally think that the Oil and Gas redundancies are hitting the villa rental market more than the apartments as their housing allowances were often put towards areas like Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Golf Estates etc. The shorelines are in high rental demand even now.
The Shoreline rental market has held up extremely well this year at a time when the sales prices are falling. Therefore the rental yields are looking very attractive and the investors are starting to look at the Shoreline apartments  with interest again. Yields of 7% for a quality location is considered a good investment return and if you are confident we are near the bottom of the cycle then the risk is minimal.

Shoreline Apartments Palm Jumeriah
F type Shoreline Apartment

Palm Jumeirah D Type and F Type apartments are proving popular!

I have included a few well priced sales for your interest in this e mail and also some Shoreline rentals. January and February saw some sales which included a few D types on the left hand side and a couple of E types on the right hand side. There seems to be a buying demand, at the moment, for D type and F type sea facing apartments from investors but as you would expect their offers are a little lower than most sellers would like to achieve.
If anybody would like specific advice on their own apartment as to whether or not they should sell, rent or even put on the Holiday Home market I would be very pleased to talk to you. I can also send by request the latest sales and rental prices for specific types on the Shoreline.

Palm Jumeriah Dubai
New Developments Palm Jumeriah


New Developments still affecting Palm Jumeirah buyer appetite!

There are two main apartment blocks affected by development and construction at the moment. These are Al Habool and Al Basri.
Al Basri, Palm Jumeirah,  has the new development of Azure being built and we have experienced a number of complaints from tenants about the noise this is creating. I think this will be short lived as the majority of the construction is complete now and Azure does not look far off being finished. Once the landscaping is complete the Al Basri Shoreline apartments are going to benefit enormously from this new fresh looking residential and retail location.
Al Habool is a slightly longer wait as this is located next to the new Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah. This is a major development adding 1 million sq ft of retail space to the Palm Jumeirah. In the medium term it is affecting traffic and producing noise pollution but on completion will be a superb neighbour for the AL Habool residents.
Progress often comes at a price but both the Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah and Azure Residence are well worth waiting for and will boost the Shoreline apartment developments.
We have been selling Palm Jumeirah properties for over a decade now and with our large dedicated Palm Jumeirah sales and rental agents we are known as the Palm Specialists.
Please check our dedicated websites for more information on Palm Jumeirah.

Thursday 25 February 2016

Palm Jumeirah Villa and Apartment Sales in the last week of February!

As we come to the end of February 2016 it is pleasing to see that the Palm Jumeirah team of Edwards and Towers were busy closing deals on both apartments and villas.

We have closed on three Garden Home villas this month and a handful of apartments in the Shoreline development and Marina Residence.

This is particularly pleasing as it is a tough environment at the moment with the dollar gaining strength this week making it even less likely that people will send money to our little Emirate. The exchange rate is currently working against us so we have to rely on local sales or at the very least sales from within the region.

With a softening of the asking prices it is fair to point out that there is an increase in finance led end users looking. Rents have not been affected too much and as the  yields are strengthen I believe the investors will now also have an eye on some good deals.

There is of course plenty of world wide volatility economically speaking and for this reason I can't see a glut of investors putting their hands in their pockets just yet but with yields creeping to 8% in good areas I am sure we will see the longer term player start to play.

Garden Home on Palm Jumeirah SOLD in February 2016

Palm Jumeirah Garden Home For Sale

This is one of the Garden Home sales this week on Palm Jumeirah which does prove that regardless of the world wide situation life does go on and local business men need somewhere to live.

You can find all our properties for sale at

For advice on Palm Jumeirah feel free to call Mark Towers and find out what really is going on!